5 Things To Do in Changi Airport Singapore

Have you missed your flight? Has the departure been postponed? Is it possible that you are the type of person who prefers to arrive three hours ahead of schedule? There is no better place to be in the world than Singapore’s Changi Airport if you have a couple of hours to waste and don’t want to spend them on a plane. After all, there’s a reason why it’s regarded as the world’s best airport.

On the other side, you can go to the Village Hotel Changi just to rest for a while. While the outside of the airport may be filled with beautiful buildings and delicious food, the inside of the airport offers a variety of activities for passengers. Here are some attractions you can visit while waiting for your flights at Changi Airport.

Marvel at Art

While aviation, retail therapy, and fascinating leisure pastimes come to mind when thinking about Changi, art appreciation is an activity best enjoyed when taking your time. Our airport is dotted with eye-catching art displays, from impressive murals to morphing ceiling pieces.

Kinetic Rain, made up of over 1000 bronze droplets that cohesively contort into abstract patterns and other recognizable shapes, is located in T1’s Departure Hall, while A Million Times at Changi is located in T2, where the hands of over 500 clock faces spell out greetings and other mesmerizing cadences. A wired-form bird watches over T4’s Departure and Arrival hall, and murals depict Singapore’s hawker heritage along T4’s underpass.

Visit the Garden

Relax amid nature and take in some fresh air at one of these Changi Airport gardens. The butterfly garden, cactus garden, fern garden, orchid garden, and pond with koi are all beautiful places to unwind amid the spa’s gardens. Take yourself on a self-guided garden tour if you need some fresh air and sunshine. On the other side, if you need to rest for a while, you can go to Hotel 81 Changi. You can look at the updated price on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

Relax in Spa

Relax and put your trust in the hands of a therapist at one of the many spas in the area. Massage therapies such as Tui Na, Thai, and hot stone massages are all available on spa menus, as well as facials, manicures, reflexology, ear candling, and other specialty treatments. To do something different, book some time at the Fish Spa in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport and allow the fish to nibble on your feet while you relax.

Visit Changi Social Tree

One of the most incredible things to do in Changi Airport is to upload your images and videos to a touch-screen photo booth. You’ll soon see yourself projected on the gigantic 360-degree screen of this digital “Social Tree,” which stands nine meters tall and 11 meters in diameter.

An ever-changing collection of phantasmagorical backgrounds may be found on the display, including a mysterious forest, marine environment, Marina Bay, and the cityscape of Singapore. One convenient feature is that such photographs and videos can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Changi Airport Social Tree can be seen in Terminal 1 of the airport.

Rain Vortex

Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, at 40 meters tall! If you go during the day, you’ll be able to see the waterfall in its wonderful tropical setting. If, on the other hand, you come during the night, you’ll be able to take in the stunning light and sound performance (the show is displayed every hour from 8.30 pm to midnight).

Every floor of Jewel, including the basement, has a view of the Rain Vortex in motion. However, the most spectacular vistas are seen on Levels 1 and higher. I recommend that you begin your adventure at the highest floor (Level 6) and work your way down by foot to the ground floor. Those are 5 things to do in Changi Airport Singapore. If you’re planning a trip to Changi, make sure you’re prepared to have a good time. That means you’ll need to prepare not only for your delight but also for your financial situation. For overnight accommodation, you can use Traveloka to book your room during your rest time in Singapore.