5 Weed Products That Is Rising In Popularity

With weed being legalised in many of the states, its popularity is slowly on the rise. The expansion in the cannabis industry means the growth of cannabis products

Today, we have hundreds of weed-based products that weren’t previously available. The good thing about ganja is that it can be consumed in various ways, including vaping, smoking, through the skin, and ingesting. This has helped the producers to come up with a wide range of cannabis products.

Almost all cannabis products can be bought online. All you need to do is look for a reliable online dispensary and order your supplies.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most popular weed products that are everyone is trying. If you are into cannabis, you may find this article interesting.

Below is the list of cannabis products that are rising in popularity:

  1. Cannabis oil 

Cannabis oil or CBD oil is arguably the most popular weed product in the market. A part of its popularity owes to the legalisation of CBD oil in many of the states. For example, if you are a cannabis medical cardholder in Florida, you can purchase CBD oil legally.

CBD oils are different from other weed products. Instead of containing high amounts of THC, it contains high levels of CBD. This is why it doesn’t make you high. In other words, it doesn’t trigger any psychoactive reactions.

CBD oil is mainly used for medical purposes. It is often recommended to people suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, sleep issues etc. It is also found to benefit epileptic people and this is even supported by Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. 

It is a versatile product and is available in several forms. Most CBD oil producers provide a variety of options to choose from. For example, you get tinctures, which is a concentrated form of CBD extract. It is consumed orally by dropping it under your tongue. Then you have E-liquid for a vape pen. Other options you have include capsules that are consumed orally like an average pill.

  1. Cannabis-infused beverages

The next popular weed product includes cannabis beverages. Yes, you read that right. Now you can drink cannabis, instead of smoking it!

Nowadays, weed-based beverages are getting more exposure. Cannabis is generally infused with cocktails and is served in a few bars across Los Angeles. It is expected that weed beverages will become more popular if recreational weed receives a legal status.

You will find a variety of drinks infused with cannabis. These drinks taste very good. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should visit some of those bars in Los Angeles.

There are some cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, where they sell weed fruit punch and cola. In New York City, they have weed coffee as well. But one drink that is receiving the most attention is CDB infused beer. The terpenes found in marijuana add a different taste and aroma to the drink. But unfortunately, CBD based beer is facing roadblocks due to various federal rules. 

  1. Marijuana gummies

If you love gummies and smoke weed, you should surely try marijuana gummies. CBD infused gummies have become extremely popular after the legalisation of weed. 

However, it is hard to determine the CBD percentage in these gummies. That’s because they are still unregulated. 

You will find CBD gummies mainly at local gas stations. It is very common among young people. Other than that you will find it in states where marijuana is legal. Even medical cannabis cardholders can also purchase CBD gummies.

You should also check your local dispensary for CBD gummies. There are high chances that you will find it at some of the dispensaries. While buying weed gummies, check whether it contains THC or CBD.

Companies like Diamond CBD and Green Roads provide weed gummies where cannabis is legal. This is an ideal option for those who want to avoid smoking cannabis, but still want to enjoy its strong flavour.

  1. Weed chocolates

If you are not fond of gummies, you can opt for weed chocolates. They provide the best way to get high as it has more potency than other edibles. 

Weed chocolates can be a great option when you are in the mood to have a sweet treat. If you consume medical cannabis, you can take weed chocolate for your treatment. 

The most popular products under this category are pot cookies and weed brownies. If you have these in your home, keep them away from your kids. After all, they are not mature enough to know the difference.

Many of the companies are marketing weed chocolates as marijuana treats. This is one of the big reasons that cannabis chocolates have become so popular. Having weed chocolates is any day better than smoking joints. 

Defonce and Kiva are two of the main marijuana chocolate maker that produces fancy weed chocolate bars. These chocolates have a limited supply because they have high THC levels. You will find cannabis chocolates in some of the dispensaries where it is legal.

  1. Marijuana dog treats

Yes, we are not kidding! Marijuana dog treats exist and slowly becoming very popular. You must be thinking for what reason should you be giving weed to your pet.

Based on some studies, it is found that weed can help treat certain ailments in your pets. However, it has not yet received federal approval. Also, vets don’t have permission to prescribe weeds to pets.

On the other hand, many researchers are determined to find the effects of cannabis on pets. In California have, they have also passed bills to try weed on animals or pets. 

Right now more detailed studies need to be conducted to determine the effects of cannabis on animals. Researchers should study how weed helps treat ailments like epilepsy, cancer, osteoporosis, and anxiety in pets. 

But you need to be very cautious about giving weed to your dog. The lack of studies and federal regulation means there is no concrete proof that shows weed is helpful to pets.

We already have plenty of new cannabis products on the market. You can expect to see more such products filling the market in future. If weed is legalised in every state, it will help speed up the process.