Sugar Cosmetics is an online brand for women‘s cosmetics founded in 2012 by IIM-Ahmadabad graduates Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee. The Products are selling all across online platforms like Amazon Nykaa and many more. The reason which made this startup flourish in India was the struggle of people of finding the right shade and product for cosmetics which led them to switch to big foreign brands. The brand’s bestselling products include lip care, face, and skincare that are sent all across the world

This firm basically operates in a hybrid model with a presence in more than 10000 sales outlets in more than 130 locations. The brand managed to make a rupees 100 crores in annual revenues.

Scaling Up business ideas by Sugar Cosmetics:

  1. The Fab Bag- This was a subscription service for the customer introduced in 2012. In this, for rupees 599 every month users would get a surprise beauty box which includes a mix of goods from the categories of cosmetics, bath and body, skincare, haircare, and fragrance. The Fab Bag helped the brand to figure out its target market.
  2. Premium Products- Sugar Cosmetics managed to launch products from a German producer. The “made in Germany “badge enabled Sugar for a great start. The Matte Liner was the first of the several products that Sugar introduced to the market.
  3. Unique Packaging-The design partner for Sugar Cosmetics was the” opposite”. The designers very well knew the tough competition for Sugar in the market so they wanted the brand to appear and feel unique from the prevalent minimal and largely black style.

Marketing Strategy

The companies Sugar Cosmetics want to move with the latest trend in terms of marketing so Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing will be an ongoing activity for the brand. The brand will be looking for many more collaborations with like-minded celebrities, brands, etc. They will also be focusing on the Omni-channel approach. Their marketing strategies will see more OOH (Out of Home advertisement) and other innovative forms of advertisement in traditional marketing.

Let’s talk about trending campaigns of Sugar Cosmetics:

The new campaign titled #BoldandFree featuring Taapsee Pannu the new brand ambassador of Sugar Cosmetics is amplified across various digital and social media platforms. Taapsee is a self-made actress with a bold, cheerful, and fearless attitude which completely resonates with the company. Through this campaign, the brand inspires and encourages women to be confident in their own skin.

The other campaign that Sugar Cosmetics came up with helps to throw a spotlight on the positive response of women to these societal expectations and also encourages other women to live life on their own rules. The #WhenIAmReady campaign was launched on the occasion of Women’s day that celebrates the stand taken up by women to come up and say whenever they are ready for any societal questions presented to them. This campaign is a reflection of the questions that are faced by women even in this modern time.

Financial Management:

The D2C brand reaches its target audience through social media which makes advertising and promotional expense the second largest cost of the company’s expense sheet. As digital media has enabled its growth, it will also throw up its biggest growth challenges, especially on the branding side, where ‘platforms’ like Nykaa seek to dominate, even as specific brands carve out their own niches.

The company is currently in the second stage to get success in this challenging market. Embrace omnichannel and distribute across online and offline platforms. In order to be fully successful, they have to go all out and build brand awareness through mass campaigns that they have already started.