Efficient Cold Calling Service Providers Boost Your Business Sales Leads- Learn How

Expert Callers

Expert Callers

Cold calling is regarded as one of the surefire ways of generating more business sales leads. In the age of digital marketing, cold calling is essential in building a connect with sales prospects right away.

During a direct conversation, you can get insights into the real-life challenges of customers. These insights help your product visions align perfectly with consumer expectations. It is easy to measure sales performance done through cold calling. You just need to tally the number of calls made against the number of appointments made.

In short, if done right, cold calling will skyrocket your business sales leads.

However, the reality is, agents falter in delivering the right kind of cold calling services. Most of them lack spontaneity when it comes to answering responders’ out-of-the-box questions. Their pitching isn’t convincing but ends up being pushy. The fear of rejection unsettles a lot of cold callers. This becomes evident in their way of conversing or greeting a responder.

This is why it is important that enterprises must rely on efficient cold calling service providers. They have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to bring to you the best business value.

Things that Cold Calling Service Providers Do Right to Boost Sales Leads

Here’s a look at the strategies that cold calling service providers employ to make conversation more contextual. Such conversations have greater impact on responders, thereby increasing chances of them turning into sales leads.

Starting Right

Odd opening statements like “Do you have a minute to talk?” brings an end to the call right away. Third-party agents prepare an opening statement that piques responders’ interest.

They directly introduce their client with a very concise overview of their product and service portfolio. They follow it up with a sales pitch that is relatable to the responder’s current requirements.

Narrowing Down the Target List

Cold call success is not about the number of calls made but it is about who you are making the calls.

Experienced cold calling service providers segregates your target audience. They narrow down this audience into a list of targets who have high chances of becoming a lead.

To do this, service providers browse through your customer database, track their reviews on your competitors’ websites. They follow it up by researching about your targets’ kind of businesses or the markets they belong to.

They make it a point to reach out to the key decision-makers. Service providers research about the decision-makers through their social media handles, blogs, and press releases. They find their contact numbers from various sources such as email signatures, Crunchbase, LinkedIN profiles, company websites, among others.

Narrate Customer Success Stories

After getting a respondent to a conversation, third-party agents share your experience of helping clients address their business challenges.

They ensure such success stories are relevant to the responder’s industry. Agents create the pitch in a way that it clearly demonstrates the positives of subscribing to your products or services. They highlight the fact that how you have delivered positive experience for your clients.

Addressing Responders’ Negative Reactions

Mostly, an initial “no” from responders derails the conversation attitude for most of the cold calling agents. However, third-party service providers take these rejections to their strides to evoke conversation and make it meaningful.

Responders may suggest sending an email instead of talking. In such cases, third-party agents keep the conversation alive by enquiring about what are the specifics that they should include in the email.

It is common for responders to state their reluctance of deciding over the first phone call. Third-party agents assure that the second meeting actually take place. They do it by enquiring about the time and place of the meeting, the communication mode, the parties who will be involved in the meeting, and others. Decisive answers to these queries will help agents gauge responders’ interest level on your product or service.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Cold Calling Service Providers

  • Third-party agents are compensated on a pay-per-performance and fixed basis. This means an agent get paid better if he/she sells better. This results in substantial cost savings.
  • Domain expertise helps agents to overcome simple to complex cold calling challenges and bring in more efficiency.
  • Cold calling service providers leverage technologies to record calls, collect, and revise market data. This helps to make your campaign more aligned with your market.
  • They maintain strict adherence to regulations such as STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-Based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs), Do Not Call registries, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


It is importance that you take utmost care while choosing a cold calling service provider. Technology adoption, abstinence from list buying, expertise in your industry, ability to conduct independent market research are some of the determinants of efficient cold calling service providers.