Filhaal 2 Review – Akshay & Nupur’s Mohabbat Creates History!

Filhaal 2 review

Filhaal 2 Review – Mohabbat, which features Akshay Kumar as well as Nupur Sanon, has already set records after its huge success. It was uploaded online on Tuesday. Within minutes, it was trending on social media.

Filhaal 2 already has close to 100M views within three days. This is a new record. It also became the most-viewed Indian song within the first 24 hours of YouTube’s history. This surpasses the number of views that its predecessor achieved in its first day.

Credits – Desi Melodies

It is clear that the new, heartbreaking song written and sung by Jaani and B Praak is causing a stir and is affecting music charts.

When Akshay and Nupur shared Filhaal Song 2 poster to create hype – Filhaal Song Poster

This is the sequel to “Filhall”, which was released in 2019. B Praak has sang both ‘Filhall 2 Mohabbat’ and ‘Filhaal 2. Mohabbat’. Ammy Virk, a Punjabi singer and actor, was also present in the second section.

The music video for ‘Filhaal 2’ demonstrates the emotional pain that one feels after a breakup. The video shows Dr Kabir Malhotra (Akshay) becoming tearful at the union of his love Meher Grewal (played by Nupur Son with Ammy Virk).

Kabir (Akshay), despite Meher’s (Nupur’s) death, did not give up hope and continued to try to contact Meher (Nupur). Fans were left heartbroken when Kabir (Akshay), the third member of the love triangle, died in an accident.

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