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Game Of Thrones season 8 is an American fantasy television series that was created by David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, for HBO. It’s an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. The first of these fantasy novels is A Game of Thrones. The series was shot in Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain. The show premiered on HBO USA on April 17, 2011 and ended on May 19, 2019. It aired 73 episodes over eight seasons.

The Game of Thrones is set on the fictional continents of Westeros, and Essos. It features a large cast and several story lines over the course of the series. The first major arc is about the Iron Throne, which represents the Seven Kingdoms in Westeros. This is followed by a series of political conflicts between noble families who either fight for the throne’s independence or are vying for it. The second is about the deposed ruler of the realm, who was exiled to Essos where he plans to reclaim his throne. The Night’s Watch is a military organization that defends the realm from threats beyond Westeros’s northern boundary.

Game Of Thrones season 8 has attracted a record viewing audience on HBO. It also has an active and international fanbase. The series has received praise from critics for its acting, complexity of characters, story and production values. However, the show’s frequent use nudity (including sexual violence), has been criticized. Many critics considered the finale disappointing due to its shorter length and creative choices. It received 59 Primetime Emmy Awards. This is the most for a drama series. The series received nominations and three Hugo Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation . There was also a Peabody Award and five nominations Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama . The show has been praised by many publications and critics.


Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

The Game Of Thrones season 8 premiered in spring 2011. Donald Trump was still hosting Celebrity apprentice. True Blood was the biggest show on . George R.R., a mild-mannered fantasy writer. Martin could still walk down the street as a normal person. It was an entirely different time. The pilot for the show. This pilot was originally ordered in 2009. Vulture covered the story under the announcement that Mindy Kaling would be getting her own television show. It was reshot because the original version was terrible. The original game-of-thrones pilot was so bad that it was reshot. Because Jon Snow is a familiar name, many people remember him. .” Despite the fact that its early ratings were low, was still a popular show. Possibly because the show had a reputation for being difficult to follow and dark. This show ended its first episode by throwing a little boy through a window. Then, the second Episode ended with a father killing his daughter’s dog. Wow, what a freaky kid. Nikolaj CosterWaldau explains why Bran Stark was worthy.

It taught you to love it.

After the excitement of the premiere, we settled into the long sexpo-y middle. Daenerys Targaryen, Lady Snow, became pregnant in the same week that the real-life royal marriage. “Cripples and Broken Things” introduced Samwell Tarly, a sad-sack who made everyone weep. The Wolf and the Lion surprised us with a nipple-shaving moment. Do you remember the nipple shaving scene. It was also the episode in which a mother breastfed her preteen son. It was the most adorable Game of Thrones episode.

Along the way, Viserys Targaryen’s murder-by-molten-gold in “A Golden Crown” proved that, in Game Of Thrones season 8, “crowning” meant the opposite of what it does in an OB/GYN ward, and in “You Win or You Die,” Littlefinger delivered one of TV’s great finger-banging monologues. Daenerys also ate a horse’s heart. It was disgusting, but it was also amazing. It tasted like a gummy bear, they promised me.

There was much anticipation about the Starks and Lannisters going to war. Characters stated “there’s war coming” around 4,000 times. Episode eight left viewers wondering if all the tension would pay off. (Those who had read the books, if they were kind, kept silent and did not want to spoil anything.

It’s obvious that they managed it because the ninth episode, “Baelor,” was the one in which Ned Stark was killed. Sean Bean was fine with it. The season finale saw the birth of the dragons. This is more than any other moment when Game Of Thrones season 8 became a popular HBO series.

It was then, and only then, the first of many off-seasons. Jason Momoa spent his Conan Press Tour lobbying for a return. However, few could have predicted that The Winds of Winter would be the final season.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

The beginning of season 2 felt almost identical to season 1. However, critics pointed out that the episode premiere “The North Remembers” featured more child murders than the previous season. “The Night Lands”, was the beginning of the war between the Starks and Lannisters. The war had now expanded to include Renly and Stannis Baratheon. This meant that we were introduced to many new characters, including the mysterious sorceress Melisandre and Brienne of Tarth, a warrior woman. Our old favorites continued to do their jobs: Joffrey still was terrible, Robb stark was still winning battles and Jon Snow still was a virgin. Rose [Leslie] is a great woman. We had some good times. – Kit Harington, on his role opposite the woman who would be his wife.

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Arya was subject to a number of brutal ordeals. But the most important thing about Arya’s journey were the friendships she made. Tyrion, the newly appointed Hand of the King used his intelligence to find out who was leaking information to Cersei . It was Pycelle with the beard in King’s Landing. Episode three. Just when you thought it was a while since the last WTF moment saw Melisandre giving birth to a baby. The Ghost of Harrenhal, saw Renly killed by a smoke baby. Good-bye, Renly. Your beautiful crown and well-groomed nails will be a part of my life forever.

What was Daenerys doing there? Yes, she was there episode six, when her dragons were stolen and her Dothraki friends were murdered . Theon Greyjoy made some bad decisions and was placed second with his sister. But “A Man Without Honor” showed that he was clearly in over his head. Both his old foes, Jon Snow and Robb stark, found love in episode. Although their relationships ended tragically even according to Game of Thrones standards they were still cute.

As was the custom, episode nine shocked everyone.

“Blackwater” was Game of Thrones’ biggest episode. Seasons three and four of HBO did not air new episodes on Memorial Day. However, the show became so popular that HBO didn’t care about the Memorial Day ratings dip. in 2015 it was both a bottle episode as well as a Lord of the Rings-style epic. It is often ranked as the greatest Game of Thrones Episode ever made. After the episode, Sophie Turner revealed that Jack Gleeson, despite being the worst character on TV, was actually quite nice.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Although the opening episodes of season 3 weren’t very exciting, they provided some important setup. In “Valar Dohaeris,” and “Dark Wings and Dark Words,” we saw Westeros’s version of Princess Di. We also said goodbye to Mance Rayder and Meera Reed . Missandei and the Unsullied. “Walk of Punishment” was also the final episode.

One word in episode 4 — Daenerys unleashed their dragons, getting one crispy servant and a legion Unsullied to go. You could see that the show was getting more expensive. There were countless extras and scenes full of CGI. Thrones continued this with “Kissed by Fire,” which featured the most intimate episodes ever. was a stripped-down episode in which Jaime and Brienne revealed their deepest fears, and their butts . Kit Harington described it as “a beautiful scene” and, considering that he and Rose Leslie would eventually get married I believe he was being truthful. Jon and Ygritte climbed the Wall in “The Climb”, and then, in appropriately named “Bear and Maiden Fair,” Jaime rescued Brienne, who was being attacked by ursine.

It was getting too sweet. The show had to make an adjustment by cutting off Theon Grayjoy’s dick. Balance is all around.

This season saw another famous marriage: Sansa and Tyrion. Although I joke, the eighth episode of the season was notable for being the rare GOT episode that only focused on four locations instead of the usual ten.

You don’t care because “The Rains of Castamere gave us The biggest event of the entire series, the Red Wedding in which Catelyn and Talisa Stark soldiers were stabbed in their backs (sometimes literally) at times by the Boltons or Freys. Only viewers were shocked, but only a few were — book readers experienced a strange kind of catharsis after getting over the bloodbath that was George R.R. Martin’s saga. We also got classic reaction videos from it.

“Mhysa concluded the third season with two striking images: Grey Wind’s head affixed on Robb Stark, and Daenerys crowd surfing on a wave she’d liberated from Yunkai slaves. The former sparked a controversy over the white-savior subtext in the Essos plotline. Oopsy-daisy.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

What would the Game Of Thrones season 8 landscape look like after the Red Wedding? The fourth season premiere gave a few characters an opportunity to reset. Jon Snow was back with Night’s Watch and Jaime was back at King’s Landing. We had more characters and they were sexy. There was Oberyn Martell who is a swaggering beardier, Daario, who has a very Coors Light voice , and Jaime back in King’s Landing.

In the second episode of season 2, the show killed off Joffrey. It was at his wedding! Jack Gleeson quit screen acting and started smaller theater work. Sophie Turner had “very mixed emotions” about this.

For its own reasons, the episode following Joffrey’s death would be controversial. Cast and crew claimed that Jaime and Cersei’s sex scene was meant to be unsettling but eventually consensual. However, it would prove controversial for its own reasons.

“Oathkeeper”, pretended that the scene had never happened and moved on to other matters. We learned who killed Joffrey (the Tyrells), how Sansa was rescued (Littlefinger) and where he was taking him (the Eyrie). We learned who killed Joffrey (the Tyrells), who arranged Sansa’s escape (Littlefinger), and where he was taking her (the Eyrie). Episode 7 saw Littlefinger pushing Lysa out of the Moon Door. However, she did not reveal that he created this entire game-of-thrones mess.

The memorable trial by combat between “The Mountain and the Viper”, which featured our third-incarnation of the Mountain, was quite mind-blowing. However, Lena Headey shared an Instagram with Pedro Pascal that showed the ninth episode. The show’s pivotal ninth episode featured another huge battle: the highly-skilled face-off between Night’s Watch and the Wildling army . This required a four week shoot and hundreds more. Ygritte was killed. The Wildlings lost their chance of winning. After two years of grumbling and sitting around, Stannis stepped in and saved the day. Arya crossed the Narrow Sea after a season of bickering with her Hound.

Tyrion killed his father with a crossbow while he was using the bathroom, in one of the final big deaths of the season. However, no one wants to discuss that! Fans were more upset that Lady Stoneheart had been written into the show’s script. This was the first indication that Game Of Thrones season 8 would be taking a different path than the one laid out in the books.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5

The plots of Martin’s first three novels were largely mirrored in the show’s four first seasons. A Feast For Crows, and a Dance With Dragons were both set at the same time. Each character only followed half of the others (and introduced many new characters ). Season five covered the highlights from the fourth and fifth books. also included some controversial edits.

“The Wars to Come” saw Cersei the High Septon begin the season as King’s Landing’s established power. This gave her many opportunities to make poor decisions while Daenerys chose to settle down and lead Meereen in her best selection of going out tops. Each queen had a new antagonist: Cersei the high septon, who could have been either Pope Francis, or Bernie Sanders depending on who you asked. Daenerys, the masked Sons of the Harpy, was the one no one cared about.

Arya was trained in Braavos to become a Faceless Man at The House of Black and White. In Episode 3, Jon Snow was elected Lord Commander. episode four saw Tyrion cross the Narrow Sea. Jorah Mormont captured him and took him to Volantis. was then taken to greyscale by the Wall in a chilling sequence called “Kill The Boy”. Barristan Selmy was killed. The actor wasn’t in love but he is now on Derry Girls so it’s likely okay. A whole new Dorne story was created, which began promisingly but became terrible after the events of

The most famous plot was that of Sansa. The most famous plot was Sansa’s. Although this was not the first Game of Thrones scandal, it was the most serious.

Season five looked like it would be a slow one. Then Jon Snow went to Hardhome to rescue some Wildlings. It was a great episode and a fitting introduction to the Night King , the villain of the final stretch of the show. The fevered pace continued in the season’s final episodes, “The Dance of Dragons”, and “Mother’s Mercy.” Stannis roasted his daughter which was the most heartbreaking child death in a series of them. Brienne then killed him. Daenerys escaped Meereen riding a dragon. Arya took revenge on Meryn Trant in a bloody scene that upset the Faceless Men enough to make her blind.

Cersei was taken into prison and made to walk naked through King’s Landing. Lena Headey foresaw this two years ago. Headey said that it is out of her control in 2013. “And if that happens, it won’t be Cersei being seductive and sexy. She will be stripped. This kind of scene will be more powerful if it’s not an every-day occurrence.” A scene that would give birth to the most memorable TV catchphrase of 2015: “Shame.” Shame. Shame .” – and many parodies.

The season’s final image shows Jon Snow being stabbed to death by his men. however, no one believed that he was actually dead for good . Kit Harington still had to lie to everyone for nearly a year, something he later admitted caused him to seek therapy.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Game of Thrones has completed its sixth season . This is a sad day for not only smug readers, but also George R.R. Martin had to accept the fact that he wouldn’t be telling the story. The series’ finale season premiere revealed that Melisandre had been disguised as an elderly woman. This was a shocking revelation which only the most keen-eyed readers could have predicted .

However, this was only a set up for what everyone knew was coming. In episode 2 Jon Snow did indeed make his return from the dead. He quickly left the Night’s Watch in Oathbreaker, after he had returned to normalcy. loopholes. After his return to life, he quickly left the Night’s Watch

After being captured by the Dothraki in season five, Daenerys went to Vaes Dothrak to meet the horsemen’s capital . She then set fire to it in episode 4. Euron Greyjoy made an equally grand entrance by killing his brother Balon. The triumph of the boorish, misogynist at the kingsmoot was a foreshadow of what would follow. To keep spirits up, people began shipping Brienne .

“The Door” ended up being one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire run. Hodor, the hero stable boy, died while holding a door. We learned that Bran’s bullshit was responsible for Hodor’s mental handicap. Arya was still at Braavos, but this time she was with actors who were putting on a play about what had happened. We had met Sam’s father and Lyanna Mormont through “Blood of My Blood”, and learned that Yara Greyjoy is a lesbian. We tried to find the one who would succeed King Tommen when he died.

The Hound was not dead, but was chilling with Ian McShane McShane had previously been in trouble for spoiling his character’s fate. His immortal reply was: “Get a F–ing Life.” It’s only tits .”in “The Broken Man,” an original story that reinterpreted the most loved passages in the book series. Brienne and Jaime had one more reunion. Ramsay Bolton continued to be terrible (though was worse in the books). After a two-year training program, Arya became “No One”, and returned home as a Jedi Assassin.

The final episode of the 2016 NBA Finals was “The Battle of the Bastards”,. It aired the night before Game 7. One of the most exciting medieval battles ever filmed ended in Ramsay being used as dog food and Sansa at odds. Many people thought Ramsay’s words to Sansa ( “I’m part of you now”) meant that she was pregnant. However, they may have been wrong.

In the real world, Brexit was happening. Everyone wondered how it would impact .

The finale of season six was the final Thrones we would see for a while. It didn’t disappoint. Cersei avoided her trial using the clever legal strategy of “blow-up the courtroom and your enemies”. This allowed Tommen to jump out of a window and die, leaving Cersei freed from the responsibility for the throne. Flashbacks confirmed the long-held fan theory about Jon Snow’s true parentage. This will certainly come into play during the final season. We finally closed with an image that we had never seen before — Daenerys in a boat heading to Westeros. Interestingly, viewers were confused by the timeline in that shot, making it the perfect preview of the next season.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 7

Game Of Thrones season 8 had always been plagued by leaks but the penultimate episode was the most spoilt. A summary of the entire seven-episode run appeared on Reddit months prior to the premier. Production decided to announce premiere date in block of ice and discuss how Euron became hot. He did Season premiere was finally here, and Arya defeated the Freys. Daenerys returned to Dragonstone. Good times. Ed Sheeran also was there

Stormborn Sam cures greyscale and Gray Worm. Missandei bones because even eunuchs can get love scenes in Game of Thrones. Jon and Dany finally met in episode 3. We said goodbye to the Sand Snakes and Olenna Tyrell who, in her last moments, mocked people who were more intelligent than she was. The show’s pace was faster and jokes were more common.

“The Spoils of War” brought together a group of long-lost brothers and sisters, but the moments with their families were not as touching as viewers might have expected. It didn’t help Bran being so weird. We also had a fiery Dragon battle which was an instant highlight. “Eastwatch” was kinda boring — Littlefinger nearly turned Sansa and Arya into enemies, which was kinda strange — but Gendry returned, the blacksmith bastard child of King Robert, was last seen in season 3. Everyone made the exact same joke about rowing.

The final episode was another pivotal moment. Jon Snow and a small group of people trekked beyond the Wall in order to capture a Wight. This plan worked out just as absurdly as you might have imagined, especially after the show decided to abandon all rules of time and space. Daenerys lost her dragon but she still wore an incredible coat. Fans wondered what kind of flame the White Walkers would unleash on the fallen Viserion.

We didn’t need to wait too long as , the ice-dragon, made its grand debut in the next episode. It took down the Wall in dramatic fashion. The show’s longest episode was this finale. It lasted 80 minutes, which is the same length as the final two episodes of season 8. Much of the episode was taken up by a diplomatic summit, which brought nearly the entire cast together in one room. Jon and Daenerys also shared a touching love scene. That was the end of GOT for almost two years. Although it was an exciting season, many viewers left with the impression that , just like Viserion, was not the same. We will soon find out if season 8 gets things on track.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 8

The Arrival

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, her armies, arrived at King’s Landing. Jon swore to help her fight the Army of the Dead. The people of the North, Sansa and Arya included, weren’t very warm to her. Sam learned that Daenerys had executed Sam’s father and brother. He told Jon the truth: he was Rhaegar Targaryen’s son.

Once the battle plans had been created, everyone could just wait for the oncoming wight armies. Arya, Gendry and Sansa got to work and shared a meal. Jaime knighted Brienne. The Long Night

Winterfell was afflicted by a persistent horde. Lyanna Mormont was killed while battling a giant zombie. Jorah, her cousin, was killed while protecting Daenerys. Finally, we learned the purpose behind Beric’s resurrections. The Lord of Light wanted him to be alive in order to save Arya.

Jon was playing with Viserion while Theon was protecting Bran who was being used as bait by the Night King. Arya killed Bran just as the Night King was about to attack him.

Unkept Secrets

Jon lied to his sisters about his true parents, despite Daenerys’ wishes. Sansa informed Tyrion who then told Varys. Varys was afraid that Daenerys would be mad, and he now believes that Jon should become the next Westeros ruler. He was obliged to spread the news about Jon and even attempted to poison Daenerys. Tyrion, her Hand, told Daenerys of Varys’s treachery, even though she knew. Varys was executed.

The Destruction Of King’s Landing

Missandei, another dragon, was killed by Daenerys at King’s Landing. Cersei surrendered quickly, and she did so quietly. However, Daenerys used Drogon in order to lighten the city. She murdered many innocent civilians and Jaime and Cersei were both killed in the Red Keep’s rubble. Tyrion was arrested by Daenerys for setting Jaime free. Jon’s pleas led to Tyrion being killed. Drogon melted Daenerys’s Iron Throne, and he left with Daenerys’s body.

After months, Tyrion was summoned by the remaining Lords of Westeros to attend a council. At Tyrion’s suggestion, they chose Bran as the new king. Sansa was made Queen of the North and an independent nation. Arya set sail in a ship to explore the lands that were not on the maps. Jon rejoined the Night’s Watch once more, and we saw him riding off with the wildlings beyond The Wall.