Google and Jio Budget Smartphone launching Soon.

Google Jio Phone

Mukesh Ambani chairman of Reliance Jio. On Thursday, Google unveiled the JioPhone Next Android smartphone. This comes as both the top Indian telecom operator and American giant push to capture second largest internet market.

The Indian company , which received $4.5 billion in investment from Google. JioPhone Next is designed to focus on approximately 300 million Indian users who are still using 2G networks upgrade to faster networks.

It will launch on September 10 in India. After that he will be aiming for more countries also.

Ambani claimed that the JioPhone Next 4G Smartphone will be “ultra-affordable”, but he did not reveal price expectation.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, made a virtual appearance at the Reliance AGM. He stated that the company also has a 5G cloud partnership agreement with Jio Platforms. He also stated said that this partnership will enable more than a billion Indians to connect to faster internet. It will also help Jio develop new services in areas like education and health — laying the foundation for India’s next phase of digitization.

They will be able to take advantage of Google’s AI and machine-learning, ecommerce and demand forecasting offerings. These businesses will be able to match customer demand by harnessing the reliability of Google Cloud,” he said.

The JioPhone Next also has a fast, high-quality camera that supports HDR. Google stated that the JioPhone Next would have the latest Android releases and security upgrades. Smartphone vendors usually offer new Android software support and security for two years from the date of launch.

Google stated that it had worked closely with Jio on engineering and product development to create useful voice-first features. These features allow users to use content and navigate their phone in their native language. They also have great camera experiences and can get the most recent Android security and feature updates.

TechCrunch was told by competition brand that sub-$100 smartphones only 12% of India’s smartphone market. This is a decrease from 18% and 24% respectively in 2019. The sub-$50 smartphone market accounted for 0.3% of India’s total market in 2020, compared to 4.3% in 2018.

Although smartphone makers know there is a white space in the market, they have struggled to fill it. Jio Platforms, for example, explored the possibility of offering feature phones that could reach Indians living in rural areas. Jio Platforms’ KaiOS-powered feature telephone, JioPhone had 100 million customers by February 2012.

UBS analysts recently reported to clients that smartphones priced below $50 are likely to sell at cost after taking into account the recent price rise in memory components.

While Jio’s move will speed up 2G to 4G migration, our evaluation of the potential value of this space for other smartphone makers, particularly key players such as Xiaomi, showed that it would be very interesting. According to TechCrunch, Xiaomi, India’s largest smartphone market, will not follow up with a $50 smartphone.

Google stated that JioPhone Next was a “momentous milestone in our Android Mission for India” and the first of many projects that our Android product- and engineering teams in India will undertake. We are also expanding our engineering teams in India as we work to meet the needs of Indian smartphone users.

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