Hair loss is a prevalent issue that affects people all over the world. The loss of 50-100 strands each day is relatively common. However, if you’re losing a lot of hair, it’s something to be concerned about. 

Hair loss can be caused by various factors, including chemical hair treatments, heat styling equipment, stress, poor diet, bad hair care habits, and more. Sometimes, hair fall also has surface-level causes like dirt build-up from hair products or greasy scalp from dandruff. If you’re weary of seeing hair strands on your brush and around your shower drain, there are a few things you can do.

Natural remedies for hair fall 

When we first experience hair fall, we always think of our mothers and grandmothers and how they forced us to use home remedies to maintain strong and healthy hair. As we grow up, we tend to get grossed out by these remedies and forget their importance until met with a hair fall problem. Numerous hair fall remedies are natural; these include regularly oiling your hair, using onion juice as a hair mask, and an amla and methi hair mask, to name a few. 


A nutritious and well-balanced diet can do wonders for your hair. Consuming protein-enriched foods like fish and eggs promotes the regrowth of hair and helps maintain the quality of hair follicles. Malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies are leading causes of a hair fall problem. Additionally, having nutritious food prevents dull, brittle, and dry hair. 

Hair supplements 

Sometimes, nutritional deficiencies can also lead to a hair fall problem. Consider looking into hair supplements such as hair gummies to overcome this. Hair gummies are packed with nutrients that are important for hair regrowth and help in decreasing hair fall. 

Scalp and hair care 

Taking care of your scalp and hair strands is the easiest way to avoid hair fall. Wash your hair regularly and use products best suited for your hair type. Avoid using heat tools on your hair and consider using hair masks every week. It will ensure that your scalp is free of product buildup and your hair remains moisturised. 

Medicinal treatments 

However, consider consulting a doctor when nothing seems to work for you. A medical professional will help rule out any underlying medical conditions and prescribe medication for excessive hair fall. 

Conclusion  While hair fall can be embarrassing and worrying, we all face it in our lives. Many options helps treat a hair fall problem, such as home remedies and hair supplements. Happy Hair gummies by Sula Nutrition is an excellent choice for hair gummies. It is enriched with more than ten vitamins, Amla, Biotin and Zinc, which helps promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair fall. 

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