How to Optimize the Post for Google Snippets and Top of Google Search

Have you ever thought about how your competitors optimize the post for Google snippets in such a way that they show on top of the Google search? If you too want your google snippets to be on top of google search like your competitors, you need to follow a strategy to optimize your snippets so that Google automatically ranks you on the top. 

But first, let me ask you, do you know what Google Snippets are and how they influence the search engine? 

If not, don’t worry. Today we are going to cover all such questions in this blog.

Topics to be covered:

1. What are Google Snippets?

2. Different types of Google Snippets

● Paragraph Snippet

● List Snippet

● Table Snippet3.

Steps to optimize the post for Google Snippets4. Conclusion

Go through all the topics and be here till the end to know everything about Google Snippets. Let’s begin. 

What are Google Snippets? 

Some pieces of information that appear on the top of Google’s search results are called featured snippets. The purpose of Google Snippet is to provide answers to the user’s search query by extracting relevant content from top-ranking pages. One of the most important features of SERP is featured snippets which are evolving every time. 

Different Types of Google Snippets

Google Snippets are of different types. If you want to optimize your post for Google Snippets, you should first understand the types of Google Snippets so that you can go in the right direction. 

There are 3 most popular types of Google Snippets and these are:

● Paragraph Snippet

● List Snippet

● Table Snippet

Sometimes it can be a Video Snippet, basically a youtube video. 

In the paragraph snippet, Google answers the searcher’s question in the form of text or paragraph. 

List snippet can either be numbered or bullet that gives results in the form of a list like 1,2,3, etc. points

In table snippets, Google shows results in tabular form showing some statistics or facts about multiple things. 

Steps to optimize the post for Google Snippets

Now it’s time to look at the steps by which you can optimize the post for Google Snippets. 

STEP 1: Identify Featured Snippets of your competitors 

You need to check keywords for which your competitors are on the tops of google search that too with featured google snippets. For this, you can use tools like Smrush. You need to put your competitors’ URLs and they will show you all the keywords. 

Now it’s your turn. You have to prepare a content calendar based on the keywords shown by the tool. 

Your content calendar should include

● Content topics

● Type of Featured Snippets

● Competitors’ higher search volume keywords

You need to plan content creation for optimization. 

STEP 2: Find keywords for each content topic

After step 1, that is after finalizing the topics, you need to find keywords that currently own featured snippets. You can find the keywords in the top ranks using the same tool. Collect the information and add it to your content planner. 

STEP 3: Understand the purpose of the search

Now in this step, you need to understand what the searcher wants to know. Whether the searcher wants a specific answer, a brief answer, particular steps or things, a comparison table, or a video. Once you know this, you can optimize your content or post based on their requirements.  

STEP 4: Know more about your competitors 

Once you have planned the content, finalized topics, and searched keywords, you need to run a competitor’s analysis. This analysis will give you SEO recommendations about keywords and topics based on competitors. You can use the same tool for this SEO analysis. 

The analysis will give you the following suggestions:

● Top 10 competitors for the keyword

● Topics that the content post must have

● Backlinks requirement

● Readability requirement

● Text length

● Suggestions on the use of target keywords.

The competitor’s analysis will ultimately give you suggestions to create content more effectively so that you can beat the competition. 

STEP 5: Create and publish content better than your competitors

Now you have all the information that you should have to create content. So, create the outline based on the information collected till step 4. While writing or creating content, don’t forget to include the basic information that searchers expect to have in the content. Your content should be readable, have more value than competitors, and have more research data. Try to create the best content piece that will have the power to deliver value for a longer time.

STEP 6: Implement SEO Strategies

As you are done with creating the content, you need to make Google understand what your page is all about using SEO strategies. Some SEO strategies that you should use for Google Snippets are:

● URL: Short URLs works best

● Title: Create a catchy and irresistible title

● Meta description: Write meta descriptions keeping users and keywords in mind.

● Descriptive Alt text: Use descriptive alt text for images to make it more understandable to Google.

● Links: Use external and internal links to help Google know more about your credibility.

STEP 7: Frequent optimization is the key

Keep tracking results frequently. Also, you should optimize your content using the same steps until you see a featured snippet. Never give up and keep experimenting. 


The whole process of optimizing and trying to be on top of Google searches can be tiresome and exhaustive. But learning the process of optimizing featured google snippets can be helpful for your business as it’s increasing every day. Google pages with featured snippets are usually dominating the searches. The snippets are the highest rank on searches without advertisement which can be the most beneficial thing for your website. So you cannot deny using them. 

Start your optimizing process by searching for your competitors’ ranks. Then search for potential content ideas and answer most of the questions in your blog. Do not forget about the word limit as it should be up to 50 words. Also, organize your content for search engines as well as readers. 

Don’t forget to follow all the steps to optimize your google snippet. You will definitely be on the top of Google search.