If you’ve just requested a new SBI Debit Card through net banking and want to keep track of its progression, you can now do so online and see when your Debit card will be delivered to the address.

Customers of SBI can obtain a new Debit Card online using net banking and the SBI YONO application, as you may know. Your Debit card may arrive within 15 days of submitting an online request. If you wish to check on the progress of your delivery, you can log in to Mobile Banking and check the status of your debit card online.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Online

SBI Mobile Banking allows you to access your SBI Bank account from your phone. State Bank of India, India’s largest public-sector bank, offers mobile banking to let you manage your account online.

Customers can use SBI Mobile Banking to check account balances and statements, send money to any bank account, open FD and RD accounts, manage debit cards, obtain checkbooks, and access various online services.

SBI Mobile Banking is available to all clients at no cost; download the mobile banking application to your phone, and you’re ready to go. If you have SBI YONO Lite installed on your phone, you can make the SBI Debit Card Tracking request by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your SBI YONO Lite Mobile Banking account. After logging in, go to the “Manage Cards” area and tap it.

Step 2: Tap “Debit Card Issuance Tracking” in the Manage Cards section.

Step 3: Select your account number, the year and month that your Debit card request was submitted, and click the submit button.

On the next screen, you may check the progress of your debit card issuer and find out when it will be delivered. You may check the status of your new ATM card by looking at the final four digits and tracking number. Your new debit card will be delivered via fast post courier service in 15 days.

You must activate your debit card after receiving it by following simple instructions.  You can generate an ATM pin and activate your SBI bank debit card in one of four ways:

  • Using Internet banking
  • By visiting ATM
  • By sending SMS
  • Through IVR

SBI debit card tracking is now easy and quick, thanks to the advancement in technology. You may check your card’s status and tracking information and activate it online from the comfort of your own home.

Final words:

Are you wondering if it is possible to track the progress of my SBI Debit card delivery using net banking?

This feature is currently only available on Mobile Banking. You can use your net banking login credentials to activate mobile banking on your phone

We recommend contacting your bank to inquire about the status of your SBI debit card. If you have not received an SMS with a tracking number, don’t hesitate to contact SBI Customer Care at 1800 425 3800. The customer service representative will assist you in getting a tracking number.