Worlds First OLED Rollable TV: OLED R Price Announced 74 lakhs

LG rollable OLED TV

LG OLED Rollable TV Launched for 74 lacs

LG’s innovative OLED Rollable TV with 4K resolution is set to be available in the India at an eye-catching value of INR 74 lacs. The TV was initially presented as a stunning prototype during CES in 2018 (and later made into a reality product the following year) The 65-inch model is able to roll up, and then roll back to completely disappear within its housing. It also has an front-firing 100-watt Dolby audio system called Atmos. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are the brand ambassador for the OLED R.

The OLED R is in an intermediate mode that is completely unfurled and then rolling down. LG refers to this as Line View, and you could use it to display photographs, a timer or music controls, and many more.

From a perspective of picture quality From a quality of image perspective, from a quality of image perspective, the OLED R has already been surpassed by more recent LG models. However, the more conventional G1 series that was introduced earlier in the year can be more bright than any of the company’s earlier OLEDs including the rollable. However, the OLED R’s screen still ticks all the features you’d expect from an ultra-modern TV It has Dolby Vision as well as 4K gaming at 120Hz and a variable refresh rate. It also has the auto-low latency feature and many more. Also, as I’d like to see for a price of $100,000 it has all four HDMI ports have HDMI 2.1.

LG’s OLED Rollable TV TVC – LG X Shahrukh Khan

Introducing, World’s First OLED Rollable TV by #LG. Experience the harmony of art & technology in this epitome of luxury. Powered by #SELFLITPIXEL that displays out-of-the-world picture quality combined with the new extraordinary rollable technology, it lets you step into the future every time you watch TV.
LG's OLED Rollable TV
LG's OLED Rollable TV
OLED Rollable TV

If you’re paying that much money for an LCD TV then you’re paying to play the rolling trick more than any other thing. The OLED R has a rating of more than 100,000 rolls that should give you plenty of time to amaze all who visit the mansions you choose to put it in.

LG is now accepting reservations for OLED R/OLED Rollable TV and “customers will receive white glove delivery and installation service to ensure a seamless set-up experience.” Every TV is made to order at LG’s Gumi, South Korea facility. For those who are incredibly wealthy the choice is difficult to choose between this model and Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED television.

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