Know the top 8 ways to endure an international flight with kids

International Flights

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must be aware of how bad things can get if you have a baby crying continuously in your back seat. Or a kid shouting every hour just because he wants more candy. And you are sitting at your seat with a headache, unable to say anything. Babies can easily freak out people especially if they are someone with no experience with them. No, we are not recommending spending more time with babies and get used to the noises. Instead, we will recommend you the top 8 ways to endure an International flight with kids. So you can enjoy your international journey without pulling your hair out of your head.


Talk through

Instead of stating a guideline to your kids about how to behave on the plane. Let them know why they should behave properly. You must think that talking to them in vain. But it isn’t. What most of the parents do is they just go and tell their kids the rules for flying and call it talking. But it isn’t. Talk them through with the benefits of behaving well and how will they disrupt others with their bad behavior.

Prepare them through

Most of you must have the habit of doing all the things in the end. Like, book a flight a day before, packing at the night, and boarding the flight in the early morning. And it may have worked great for you. But you can’t do this with kids. Prepare everything for days. Let them know where they are traveling, let them feel the trip is important to them. Children never ruin the things that they feel attached to. And if inappropriate behavior in the flight can do that. You will have the most obedient kids on the plane.

Reach the airport before time

While traveling with kids rushing through the queues for boarding the plain kind of things doesn’t work. Plus, you know how they have endless demands. They may want to have a burger from the airport café. And saying them a no can result in a hectic flight. So, reaching the airport an hour early can help you a lot.

Keep their favorite snacks as a backup

Remember how our parents used to bribe us with our favorite snacks to behave well in front of relatives. Well, I am not recommending you to do this as soon as you reach the airport. But if you feel the conditions are going out of your hand. Go for this option.

Pack entertaining stuff

The first thing we do is making a list of shows and movies we will watch to kill the time while taking non stop flights from USA to India or going on any other international trip. But what we do forget is that our children are boarding the same flight with us. And they feel bored like we do.

When a kid feels bored, he starts crying or shouting to grasp your interest. As he wants you to play with him or let him do some activities. So always pack their favorite toys and storybook separately. These will keep them busy during the day and will help them have a night of great sleep.

Always carry medicines

Traveling with kids you need to be extra cautious. And thus you must carry all the essential medicines with you. There are high chances that the burger they consumed at the airport café can cause them a bloated stomach or a loose one. In both cases, you need to provide them the essential medicine ASAP. To avoid worsening the situation.

If you don’t have kids with you

Bring Voice blocking earphones

Suppose you are taking direct flights to India from the USA and you have got a baby crying in your back seat. You will reach India with a good headache. To save yourself from this, always pack up noise-blocking earphones with you while traveling. And binge-watch your favorite movies and shows on the way. While the other passengers are watching the crying kid.

Carry children’s snacks

When everything else fails, sweet works. Kids love them. Well bribing kids with treats works well in both cases. Instead of asking the kid to shut up or complain to their parents. Talk to the kid and offer him treats. There are high chances he would sit at a place and listen to you.

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