How to Choose the Right Plumbing Pipes for your Home

Unless they are working adequately, you probably do not think much about plumbing pipes through your home! 

However, choosing the right plumbing pipes for your home is a long-term decision that will influence the water you use for multipurpose. These include bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, growing a vegetable garden, and so much more. 

Whether you are hiring a professional plumber for a home renovation facility or plumbing fittings, understanding the attributes of plumbing as per your needs is significant.  

This article covers all the crucial factors you need to know before choosing a plumbing pipe or its fitting. 

So let us dive in! 
Factors to consider when choosing plumbing pipes

You might get confused choosing the one among various plumbing materials for water fitting systems. Therefore, we are listing a few things to consider before finalizing your decision. 

  1. Budget 

Another significant factor in deciding on plumbing is the budget. Building contractors, plumbers, and homeowners often choose plastic pipes due to affordability and ease of installation. These pipes also save bucks on modification or construction of a building. Because metal is heavier than plastic, it is expensive to transport and requires many personnel and equipment to install. Copper pipes are attractive for theft at construction sites. 

When remodeling a home, plastic tubing or HDPE pipe is a great way to save money because of its flexibility and compatibility with existing systems. Some plastic pipe meander easily in the frame, so you need to avoid tearing open walls to carry out the new electrical conduit pipe fittings

  1. Local code 

One of the first factors to consider the right plumbing pipes is to consider the local code approved by the local building authority of your residential application. This information is available to contractors, builders, or building authorities in your area. 

All stock codes allow plastic pipes. In some provinces, there may be restrictions on the use of certain materials. However, these codes are often flexible. If another product fits your needs and is safe for a particular application, you can consider an alternative material called alternative approval. 

  1. Water quality 

Do you know how corrosive your water is? The corrosion potential of water, also called aggression, depends on the overall chemistry of the water. It is a crucial factor in plumbing decisions, as not all plumbing materials can withstand corrosive water.  

If water is very aggressive in your area, consider limiting the use of metals to prevent iron, copper, or other chemicals from entering the water and preventing stains on the laundry. 

In addition to chemical reactions, copper tubes are prone to aggressive water leaks. In addition, when it comes to pitting corrosion, it may lead to mold and bacteria growth. 

Plastic pipe such as uPVC or PPRC pipe is the best choice to prevent corrosion, scale deposits, and highly aggressive water damage. These pipes are durable and suitable for various water types, including tube well water, high salt, high chlorine water, and other elements that can stress the plumbing system. Besides these, farmers and agricultural bias architectures can find personalized tube well pipes in Pakistan. 

The contractor or builder needs to know about the water quality in your area, but you can also contact your local water department or building department for more information. 

  1. Plastic pipe type

Pakistan’s top manufacturers like adamjeedurabuilt provide a wide range of PVC pipe fittings and plastic pipe accessories, including UPVC, PPRC, HDPE, schedule 40 pipes, and various other tube wells fittings. These PVC pipe fittings are for several purposes in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industries, urban construction, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, firefighting, and daily life.

  1. Pipe size for plumbing fittings

Consider pipe size too. In many other cases, the mainline from the street to your home is 3/4 “or 1” in diameter, the manifold is 3/4 “in diameter, and the actual part of the plumbing pipe is 1 /. 2”.

  1. Sustainability

If you value sustainable products, plastic pipes or plastic pipes such as schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipes are a good choice. 

Plastic pipes and accessories are an eco-friendly building choice. They are clean and energy-saving manufactures. Metal pipes and fitting raw materials, on the other hand, require much more energy and resources to extract and process them into pipes. 

In addition, electrical conduit pipe fittings provide ease in transportation with lightweight plastic compared to heavy metal alternatives. 

Finally, plastic pipes are a more efficient hot water supply than other materials. You do not need to wait for hot water to reach the showerhead or faucet. Plastic water pipes are faster and less wasted than metal. 

  1. Maintenance 

Who likes maintenance of accessories in the home? Plastic pipes and fittings are virtually maintenance-free. As mentioned above, pitting corrosion does not affect plastic pipes and can easily withstand most water treatments.

  1. Durability 

PVC and electrical conduit pipe fittings are durable depending on the temperature fluctuations. They protect the pipe from temperature fluctuations and chemicals (if) contained in the water supply. 

In general, hard plastic PVC piping pipes may last over 100 years without the need for replacement. Manufactures of plastic pipes exposed to groundwater and acidic waste quote no measurable deterioration over 50 years.

Not sure, what you need? Turn towards an expert!

If you do not know what type of pipe to use for a particular purpose, do not try to repair or install it yourself. With today’s constant internet connection and DIY YouTube videos, you may want to try a seemingly simple project of plumbing pipes. However, wrong pipe selection and amateur work can lead to even worse problems. 

In some cases, intentional plumbing can cause damage and will require costly professional repair later. Save time and relocate your home with the help of endured services. 

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