Ratcoin a new addition to the list of cryptocurrencies

It is a digital or virtual payment system which is secured by cryptography and does not have to rely on banks to verify transaction.

Before knowing what Ratcoin is let us know a bit about Cryptocurrency, It is a digital or virtual payment system that is secured by cryptography and does not have to rely on banks to verify transactions. The decentralized network based on blockchain technology

Now let us discuss Ratcoin, technology.

So Ratcoin is one of the latest cryptocurrencies which have been launched recently. Ratcoin uses decentralized blockchain technology to verify the transaction.

Now the question arises who launched Ratcoin?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter and the richest man in the world made announced the lauch of the cryptocurrency Ratcoin which went public on Feb 18. 

Ratcoin is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain Ratcoin is listed on 4 exchanges with 13 active markets. The current price of Ratcoin is $0.0001, which is price change of 63% in the last 24 hours. The top two pairs are the tether & dogecoin. 

* Ratevin stock symbol is RAT this is the symbol with which it based. is traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges in our base 

Ratcoin is the latest addition as is successful in gaining viral attention on the internet. Ratcoin is identical to Dogecoin as it is somewhere a meme coin that is mostly made for fun & allows people to invest in the market of cryptocurrency.

How to buy a Ratcoin . 

Ratcoin can be bought from different exchanges like Freak Exchange, Boldlex, Stake Center, etc – If Someone wishes to restore Ratcoin in the physical wallet, then one can trade independently and transfer

Ratcoin Real or Fake?

As ratcion has been introduced recently so a lot of people have this question at the back mind whether it is real or fake. Also, a lot of rumors are going on about whether or not it’s owned by Elon Musk.

In Reality, Ratcoin is the new addition to the list of cryptocurrencies and needs to gain the trust of other cryptos in the market from people.

Let’s now discuss the specification of Ratcoin Max Supply is a Billion and the Block time is for 3 minutes. The coin maturity for ratcoin is 30 blocks and the stacking maturity for the same is 1.5 hours approx. 

After knowing in detail about Ratcoin and whether you are wanting to invest in this now or waiting for the right time then the most important thing is to do the research thoroughly. This is risky therefore advice is to move smartly.