Sports shoes which are under rupees 500

Finding the right shoes with so many brands is really difficult and now in today’s world when everything is so expensive price is again an important factor which needs to be taken care of. You need not worry about it when we have already got you covered. Sports shoes take a lot of work and research otherwise every shoe company would become Nike, puma, or Reebok. And due to their brand value and making cost you will not see Nike shoes under 500, Adidas shoes under 500, and so on. But for budget shoes, this is a gold mine. Many companies, mostly Indian do try to put their best effort into creating the best sports shoes under 500 rupees.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing sports shoes that are under rupees 500

  1. Asian Men’s Bullet Sports, Running and Walking Shoes:  With over 11,000 reviews and a rating of 3.9+ out of 5 on Amazon, it is safe to say that Asian Running shoes are worth every penny. This particular shoes with so many features are available on Amazon at the price of rupees 498 only. This shoe also has a height-increasing non-marking EVA sole made with lightweight compound and orthopedic memory foam for perfect grip and comfort.

Some of the features of Asian Men’s include:

  • These running shoes are perfect for all seasons – summer, winter, and monsoon.
  • Nitro capsule technology for added vacuum-based air cushion under the heels.
  • The outsole is durable, flexible, and well-gripped for seamless running or walking.
  • It is lightweight and ventilated for running or exercising.

2.   Asian Skype Sports Shoes for men: The Asian Skype running shoes are a perfect example of shoes with a perfect grip and a better experience. The Asian Skype Running shoes are the best for running, gyming, and walking. Also, you can wear it underneath a semi-casual outfit. It comes in 5 different colors so that you can pick and choose as per your preference and with the price range of as minimal as rupees 498 only.

Some of the features of Asian Skype include:

  • It has lace-up fastening for your ideal fitting.
  • This running shoe has a durable and breathable mesh upper that retains its shape on proper de-odorizing.
  • These running shoes are perfect for runners, sports, and fitness freaks.
  • The shoe has a round-toe style that allows ample space within your feet and avoids discomfort.


3. ZOVIM Running women shoes: The ZOVIM running shoes are designed in such a way that it provides maximum comfort and flexibility to women athlete, especially runners. These shoes are lightweight which specify that one can run for a long time without getting tired or feeling worn out. The current price of the shoes is rupees 436 only on Amazon.

Some more features of ZOVIM include:

  • Comfy and cushiony
  • Light-weighted and long-lasting
  • Cute-looking sneakers are available in different colors.

4.      CLYMB Men’s Sports Shoes: If someone is looking at something comfortable yet stylish at the same time, then CLYMB running shoe is for them.  The CLYMB running shoe has a lace-up type closure that helps you to get the desired fitting. Along with that, it comes with a breathable and foul smell preventing mesh as upper material. The current price available on Amazon is rupees 299 only.

Some features of CLYMB include:

  • These running shoes offer just the perfect grip.
  • They are extremely light in weight and super comfortable.
  • It can be used for both brisk walking and heaving running.
  • The PVC sole makes the shoe sturdy and provides extra comfort.


All these shoes have different designs, colors, patterns, and prices (and are under Rs 500) to offer.

Select the running shoe that ticks off all the requirements, purchase them, and give once fitness journey a good start.