It becomes challenging to manage everything in the scorching heat during the summer. It is common in sub-tropical regions because such places experience maximum heat. Hence, the requirement for residential air conditioning systems is also high in such areas. 

If you also live in a hot climate zone and require an AC for your house, you must consider certain aspects that make an AC good for a residential space. 

According to statistical data, Australians depend on their Air conditioners throughout the summers by keeping them on most of the time. 

Numerous types of ACs available in the market, and not all are good for your space. So, it is important to ensure that the AC you are going to buy suits your residential space requirements. The following points list all the factors you must consider before investing in any air conditioner:


All air conditioners have a specific cooling capacity that makes them suitable for specific spaces. For example, if your room is not more than 130 sq. feet, you can buy a 1-ton air conditioner. But if your room is larger than 130 sq feet, you will have to go for an AC with high cooling capacity. However, it also depends on the design and building of the room. So, if your room has many windows and natural light, you will have to invest in a high tonnage AC because the room will have extra heat entering through windows and glasses. 


When you are planning to buy any electric appliance, check the number of stars it has. The star rating establishes its energy efficiency, and the more efficient the appliance is, the better it is for power consumption. A five-star rating AC will give the best results by consuming the least energy. Hence, you must buy at least a four-star AC to get the best results in minimum power usage.


There are two types of ACs; one is a split system, and the other is a window system AC. It is better to install a split system AC in some interior spaces, especially with no windows. The split system doesn’t make too much noise and looks beautiful. Hence, many people install split ACs into their living rooms and office spaces. However, you can also install a window AC if you have a good window space to install it. You will save good money by purchasing a window AC. Both types of ACs come in different sizes and configurations, so you can invest in the one that matches your requirements.

Air quality

It is also essential to check the air quality of the AC to ensure that you will breathe fresh air and not toxic air. Many residential air conditioning systems come with inbuilt filters to trap smoke, odours, and other toxins and circulate pure air in the space. So, you must invest in the AC that has these filters.


These days many air conditioners come with different speed options and swing settings. So, when looking for ACs to purchase, you must check all the options it provides for the user. 

The points mentioned above list all the factors you must consider before buying an air conditioner for your residential space. In addition, many brands manufacture different types of ACs suitable for all kinds of interior spaces. So, consider all these points carefully and purchase the best option for you and your residential space.