Things You Should Know about Huawei band6

Huawei band6

Do you like the concept of a fitness band or would rather see a smartwatch with either a larger screen? If yes, this article will cover the best things you should know before buying a Huawei band. However, the excellent thing is that there is a new band on the frame: Huawei’s latest Band 6, which combines the best of wearable devices, totally changing what you’d expect from a fitness tracker. So if you are interested to know about Huawei band6, keep reading;

1. Casually elegant

A fitness band should first and main be comfortable to wear on your wrist. When you’re planning to use it to track anything from overall health to regular sleep, you’ll need to be willing to wear it all the time, despite the weather or activities. The dirt-resistant, sweat-proof, robust Band 6 contains only 18g. Considering that Huawei Band6 also offers a skin-friendly silicone adhesive band and an anti-fingerprint finish, everything fits together perfectly. Well, and did we forget to tell you that Huawei bnd6 is also water-resistant?

2. Your health is important

Huawei is renowned for having high-quality smartwatches, and the Band 6’s improved fitness functions are remarkable. You’ll be able to view your heart rate (thanks to Huawei’s TruSeen 4.0 heart monitoring software), track your sleeping patterns, and sometimes even track your menstrual cycle. There are 11 pro workout settings (think interior and exterior jogging, bicycling, and rope skipping) and 85 custom settings. However, the Huawei Band 6 also has Sp02 monitoring, informing you if your oxygen levels fall too low. Regular and smart exercise notifications will also motivate you to keep active.

3. A reliable power supply battery

How much should they last until they need to be recharged when it comes to fitness bands? Is it vital to stop some functions to extend battery life? No, we do not really believe so. The Huawei Band 6 would last 2 weeks without stopping the functions you want due to a high-efficiency chip design and advanced power-saving technologies. Without providing the batteries with a second look, you can easily track your pulse rate, tension, and sleep schedule. Yes, it’s a fitness tracker, but you’ll most likely use this as an alarm clock to view incoming calls, detect your phone, or control your camera remotely. It’s great to perform it all without having to think about a daily charge.

4. It’s all the more pleasing in seeing you having

Although Band 6’s bigger screen securely and effectively shows extra real-time data than ever, having access to all the data whenever you need it would even be superior. The Band 6 only has one side button, so all you have to do to see what is going on (post-workout) is extend your wrist or scroll across the wonderfully bright, full-colour touchscreen. It’s similar when using a smartphone in that you can quickly slide upwards while downwards, left and right to know what you’re getting for.

5. Perfect customized

Graphite Black and Sakura Pink are the two colours available for the Huawei Band 6. There are over 100 distinct watch designs available on the Watch Face Market, so you’re likely to find one you like. Also, it comes with 6 often watch faces, allowing users to access the essentials without doing anything.