On account of substantial technological advancement, companies have given preference to work from home. But, is this beneficial for the company’s growth, culture, and employee career? The Covid-19 pandemic has brought work-from-home opportunities, but this should continue till the situation gets better. Working remotely has also bring-forth infinite challenges for employees and management teams of companies alike. However, it has alleviated the productivity level, developed laziness among the employees, lack of concise communication, and many more things. 

Undoubtedly, it was the need of the hour during the pandemic and saved ample electricity and other expenses of offices. But still, the question arises- Is it better to work from home or office? This is the reason we have come up with this write-up explaining to you the incredible benefits of working from the office than home. 

Let’s check out the advantages of working from the office

It’s been more than one year that some companies are still preferring work from home, while others have asked their employees to resume the work from offices. After experiencing office and remote work, this write-up is designed to inform you about some major benefits of working from the office. 

Did you 90% of the employees are interested in joining the office again? This figure is formulated after the research work of the US Research & Gensler Research Institute.

  1. Better Communication In Office 

Working remotely bring-forth lots of miscommunication as we often communicate with other teammates either via call or messages. This can be quite labyrinthine leading to a communication gap that ultimately impacts the quality of work. Can you share your lunch in video conferences?  Can you celebrate the employee’s birthday on zoom call? Of course not! This simply highlights fewer social interactions and also mitigates the chances of counting on remote workers. The trust starts going out of the window as a result. 

  1. You Enjoy Balance Work-Life

Undoubtedly, the working comfort of your place sounds outstanding and luxurious. But, it can unbalance your personal and professional life. Firstly,  there’ll be no professional atmosphere in the home as an office. Secondly, the majority of people don’t take this seriously walking up late in the morning and getting their schedule disturbed. Thirdly, the who can work effectively while having several disturbances around you like crying babies, loudspeaker roommates, and addiction to Netflix and all. 

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  1. Exposures to Bulk of Opportunities

Working in offices allows your managers to analyze your dedication and true potential towards the company’s responsibilities. All creativeness, contribution, and behaviour will be front and centre. Having social interactions with your colleagues and higher position manager unfolds more opportunities and enables you to showcase your leadership skills to them. Within the office, building long-lasting relationships with managers is easy and helps you a lot at the time of promotion. 

  1. Conducting  Meetings Become Cakewalk

Some projects need face-to-face meetings and discussion, and conducting this over zoom can cause disturbance of your household chores and all. Sometimes it may cause internet disturbance midst of meetings. Most noteworthy, if you arrange meetings with premium clients in person, there’ll be probably a high chance of that deal being done. When a client observes our professional working environment and leadership qualities, he doesn’t take a single second to assign the project to our team. Isn’t that great?

  1. Training & Development Program Become streamline

Being a fresher, it would be impossible to do work from home as you need some training and development programs. However, comprehending the practical concepts become quite complicated over video call sessions. Isn’t it so?

The Bottom Line

We conclude that employees require some specific skills, clear-concise communication, exchanging their suggestions and views, and managing team coordination. This is all possible only when you are working in an office with your teammates. However, these remote working environments have been successfully implemented in several countries, but employees are curious to do work from the office. Do share your thoughts regarding the office and remote work in the comments section below. 

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