Types of Penetration Testing and It’s Methods

Pen testing is believed to be essential in ensuring data and operational security. It solely functions as an assessment for cyber security. The process is initiated in different forms, these forms are selected to accommodate various tools and objectives.

1. Pen testing

It plays a crucial role for corporate’s security and prevention of potential losses. It finds boreholes in the server or other engines that could lead to exploit data.The modern business industry holds IT and AI assets to assist crucial functionality of the businesses. These assets attract risks of cyber hacking and data exploitation. And so, conducting pen testing to eliminate such risks is vital for corporate’s well-being.

2 Common Types of Penetration Testing

There are several types of pen testing to perform a cyber security assessment. It is essential to select a suitable type of penetration test, because your objective and unique industrial tools might require specific types of penetration testing.

1. Internal penetration testing

It refers to all cloud networks and IT engines of the business. This penetration testing holds responsibility to examine on-site cloud assets and your networking solutions. This helps to search for gap holes in your cloud assets including your firewalls and all the systems.Numerous organisations have hundreds of IP address visits to their e-commerce engines, and this increases risks of hacking and harmful scams. Internal penetration testing promises to read the IP addresses in order to eliminate unnecessary IP accesses.

2. Wireless testing

Wireless pen testing emphasises corporate’s wireless networks. These networks include wi-fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee networks. This form of penetration testing helps to examine WPA weaknesses as well as vulnerabilities in encryption protocols.

3 Viable Methods of Penetration Testing

There are three primary methods to conduct forms of penetration testing. These methods have unique benefits and protocols.

1. Black box penetration method

This method is applied for organisations that have been attacked by a hacker. This method does not accumulate system information, but follows a strict path of the affected areas and examines strengths and sneak holes through which the hacker got access.

2. White box penetration testing method

It is also known as the ‘crystal method’ of penetration testing. This method gathers all system information and networking solutions to deliver them to the tester. It is known as an effective method for saving time and effort. The white box penetration testing is optimally used when there is an alarm for an imminent danger to systems. This is why all the information is gathered to search for areas which are going to get affected by an attacker.

3. Grey box penetration testing method

It is the most common testing method, and it is used generally to examine the accessibility of networks and systems. This method of pen testing allows the organisation to analyse the level of access employees or relevant stakeholders have, and also what stage of damage they could do to it.This is believed to be a great method to analyse basic level attacks through the system credentials that have been provided to stakeholders.


It is important for you to select the right type of method according to your objective. Penetration testing methods have distinct results, and so their core functionality also differs. However, two of the methods are conducted occasionally in most cases, but grey box penetration should be a continuous security protocol of your firm.