What is area code location or LAC?

It is very important to know for this particular article, so it is a unique number given to each location area within the network. This LAC served as a unique reference for the location of mobile subscribers and this becomes an important thing in case of incoming calls.

How does the North American number planning work?

 The NANP (North American Number Planning) was developed in the 1940s as a telephonic numbering plan for twenty-five regions in twenty countries. The NANP divides the territories of its members into numbering plan areas which are encoded numerically with a three-digit telephone number prefix, commonly called the area code. The telephone number consists of a three-digit Central office code and a four-digit station number. 

Now, let’s talk about the 844 area code which we are discussing

The 844 area code is used across North America and there is no specific area that uses the 844 prefixes, it can be used all across the country.844 area code does not have a physical location. Therefore knowing the area code 844 will not help one get an idea of the location from where the person is calling.

844 area code was introduced into services in December 2013. Also, all calls starting with 844 normally are toll-free in the USA. They are commonly used by companies and businesses who want to provide you with a customer service line free of charge. It allows clients and consumers outside the local to call the business without being charged an out-of-state fee for the call.

Now the question is can we send a text message from the 844 code?

Yes, one can send regular text messages to 844 numbers if they are registered as a text-enabled numbers. Companies can also send individual text messages from 844 numbers so they allow one-on-one text messages too. Standard text message rates may apply when sending messages to a toll-free number.

Is 844 the same as all the other toll-free numbers?

There are 7 toll-free numbers in the United States, 800,833,844,855,866,877,888.800 was the original toll-free number but it became so popular that additional prefixes were needed. There are no set time zones that the 844 area codes cover. Unlike other phone numbers, toll-free ones are not operated from a specific area.

How does someone block the unwanted calls from 844?

One can easily block the scam calls received from 844 simply by contacting your phone service provider. There are two different ways one for I-phone and the other for android.

I-phone users have to simply go to their recent contact and tap the “i” with a circle around it to pull up more information. Scroll to the bottom and click “block this caller”. Now just confirm the number.

Android users have more or less similar to the I-phone users just go to the recent calls and click “details” and click “block number”. If someone still finds that they are still getting unwanted calls from the same company or person, it may be time to call the FTC or FCC. Government agencies can take legal action against them.