What is meant by a Text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is a person who requests only text emails and they have subscribed to receive the mails only in text mode.  A text mail consists only of characters instead of graphics, images, videos, or any HTML code. A text mail subscriber is the one who uses the internet to place calls and not from a landline or mobile.

How do text mail subscribers work?

To understand the working method of text mail subscriber better Google voice is the best example one can think of for text mail subscribers as it allocates the user a number to place outgoing calls. So, this is how text mail subscribers work by use of an app that allocates a number to make outgoing calls. To make it secretive, the calls that are initiated by these apps are the user’s internet IP address, and hence no call back is possible. The best use of text mail subscribers is done by the marketing agencies to make calls to their customer customers here who are not disturbed by any callbacks. 

The emails go out through email clients and ESPs and MIME or multi-part format which provides support for varying content types and multi-part messages as well as determines which format to display for any given recipient. Most ESPs offer an option to create a different text version.

How to find someone who owns a text mail number?

People are very curious about knowing how to find someone who owns a text mail subscriber. There are only three simple steps that can help us figure out the text mail subscriber.

Step 1: Text the user and ask them directly.

Step 2: One can try to check whether the number is linked with social media or a different account with a name by googling it.

Step 3: The third step requires help from the court; one can force the company to release the information of a particular person.

Most the people try to take simpler methods like finding out the person’s account with the help of the number of the subscriber which at the start might look like a great idea but in reality, there is no number like a text mail number, it is only a number that is in the form of an e-mail address and is used to text someone.

After knowing all the facts the question arises is a text mail subscriber a scam or not?

Some facts specify text mail subscribers as a scam:

  1. If the sender has an 11-digit number then most of the chances are there that the sender is a scammer because most of the nation has an 11-digit phone number.
  2. Most scammers offer a huge amount of prizes with the links which redirect to the prize and hence it is a scam.

People can scam in the name of the government also although it’s clearly stated by the government that does not get to indulge in text messages.