WhatsApp new Security feature makes videos and photos disappear after opening

whatsapp new security feature

WhatsApp new Security feature: With the flick of two fingers, Thanos eliminated half the population of the Marvel Universe. At one point, they’re here, and the next, they’re gone.

Facebook’s owned WhatsApp has launched an identical feature. However it’s not quite as evil in the same way as Thanos the action, despite his initial motives.

The top messaging app’s “View Once” option, launched in August 2021. It lets videos and images disappear from chats after they’ve been opened. This gives users greater security over what they can see.

Snapchat, The social media app, is enjoying the glory of being the first to introduce this feature. “Delete” is the default. This means that most messages posted via Snapchat will be deleted after they’ve been read or expired. Reads the social media app’s site.

BBDO India’s thing to illustrate WhatsApp’s “View Once” campaign is to create an emotional story. It’s the story of Ajju’s struggle with getting his life back on track following his split with Mira.

Avinash Pant, who is director of marketing for Facebook India, said, “With the launch of this campaign, we wanted to showcase how the ‘View Once’ feature delivers on this commitment by narrating the story of a young couple, who are trying to move on post their breakup.”

“WhatsApp has always been focused on creating features that allow users more control over their private conversations. When we click photos or shoot videos with our smartphones has become, integral aspect of our lives but not everything we share must be an irrevocable electronic record of our lives for all time.”

Josy Paul, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO India, stated,”The film is about an unmarried couple who are experiencing an end of relationship. We follow the various stages of fear and vulnerability. The “View Once” feature helps to keep them connected and help them find confidence to move forward. The campaign is about authenticity, spontaneity and possibility to be fully yourself throughout the day.”

According to Jaydeep Sarkar, the ad’s director, “This story of two young adults,who are moving past an affair and still wish to build a new foundation and friendship, is exciting and fresh. WhatsApp’s new feature ‘View once allows them to move through the complexities that comes with the previous. The way the brand’s logo along with the tale are interspersed is truly captivating.I wanted this movie to be authentic and real not only in its story telling but also in the moods that it explored.”

The advertisement is the latest one from WhatsApp’s ‘Privacy Matters campaign. Following on from the previous “It’s Between You” campaign released in July of 2020, this new campaign reinforces WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy by using its comprehensive encryption technology.- WhatsApp new Security feature