Nicole Junkermann whose name is in continuous trend nowadays is an international (London-based) entrepreneur and investor whose maim spectrum of work is focused on identifying opportunities to disrupt traditional business models through industry-defining technologies.

Nicole Junkermann was born in Germany in the year 1980. Fluent in six languages, Nicole has experience living and working across different continents. Nicole followed her father and treaded down a similar path and devoted her life to the sole administration of technological innovation and business investment.

Nicole started her journey in 2002 as the co-founder of the online sports and gaming platform Winamax. In the intermediary part of 2002 she coalesced with In-front sports and media and became a primary shareholder upon serving like that, she as well, functioned as the vice-chairman overhauling the company’s sales to a private equity group, Bridge point. In 2005 she patronized Shanghai sports, one of many large sports retail companies in china.

Nicole is an entrepreneur turned investor and this is the reason she has experience on both sides so she applies her experience and knowledge to the like-minded investors while sitting at the investment table. By 2007 she had injected her private equity fund, united in sports, into society, it focused on media and sports investment in Asia and Europe, and in the aforementioned year, the fund raised 242.2 million euros. Nicole is a valued and active partner who helps these emerging leaders build their early-stage enterprises into successful companies.

Nicole’s net worth is counted in billions of dollars and for estimation is said to be around $500 million – 1 billion dollars. Being a wealthy person she is involved in charity and CSR Nicole has brewed a relationship with the Tate Americas Foundation, an independent charity organization that emboldens the function of the Tate Gallery in the United Kingdom, since 2005. A year before that she erected the entire JJ collection as an entity dedicated to supporting looming Latinos.

Another known name that is in constant hearing with us is Mary T. Barra. Mary is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the renowned company General Motors. On Jan. 4 2016 she was elected Chair of the GM of the Board of directors. Barra is the first woman to lead one of the big three automakers in the U.S. She started her career at the General Motors Institute at the young age of 18 working as a plant engineer. Later she received a scholarship from General Motors and completed her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of business in the year 1990.

Before becoming the GM’s CEO, Barra was the GM’s executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain since August 2013, and served as the senior vice president, Global Product Development since February 2011.  Mary Barra is also now part of the Board of Directors of the Detroit Economic Club and Stanford University Board of Trustees. Barra was also elected to the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company.

As to the approximate research, the net worth of Mary Barra as of April 2021 is supposed to be around 169 Million dollars. She owns over 4680 units of general motor stock whose worth is over $40,592,268.