Why Apple doesn’t permit users to sideload applications


Apple published a detailed report about sideloading apps a few weeks after launching iOS 15 update on iPhones. Apple doesn’t allow users to sideload apps on iPhones. But unlike Android, you can easily download and install APKs. This report is coming days before the final outcome of the class-action lawsuit against Apple’s App Store. Which was filed last year by Epic Games.

Apple’s Report

Apple’s 16-page In-Depth Report outlines the following: Sideloading apps from other sources can lead to serious consequences. It displays various everyday scenarios of a family using its devices apple devices In a“More uncertain world”.

Sideloading apps is the act of downloading apps or games from other sources than the App Store. Android users can download apps from other marketplaces, even though iOS and iPadOS prohibit sideloading.

According to Apple’s report on Android, third-party app stores for Android devices where apps have not been properly gone through review are riskier than official ones like the Play Store. The Cupertino giant brags about the App Store review process, which requires app developers to adhere to certain guidelines and AppStore policies.

These guidelines broken by Epic Games’ popular mobile game Fortnite in 2020. This led to Apple removing Fortnite from its App store and threatening to revoke its developer account. This caused a complete legal mess between the two giants.

Apple’s recent report “A Day in the Life of Your Data”, highlighted the arguments against sideloading apps on iPhones or iPads. And the potential dangers it could pose to its users.

Dangers of Sideloading Apps on Apple

“Some people suggested that we create ways for developers of iOS apps to be distributed outside the App Store. Through websites and third-party app shops. Apple stated in its report that sideloading would compromise the security of iOS platforms. And expose users to serious security threats.

The Cupertino giant demonstrated the dangers of sideloading apps onto iPhones through a series of hypothetical scenarios. It demonstrated how sideloading works. Could expose iOS and iPadOS users for ransomware, malware attacks, and scams. This could result in a decrease in user trust. This could have a negative impact on developers, as they may see fewer downloads and a decrease in user-base expansion.

Apple cites these grave concerns and explains the importance of its App Store policies. It also explains how its App Review System protects users against scams and attacks.

Apple’s report published online by various tech pundits. However, many tech enthusiasts and experts highlighted the 30% AppStore commission that every developer must pay to the company in order to sell their services on the App store. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, is an active Apple critic.The report describedAs“A sea of lies”.