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Maxwell Drever: Ways to Provide Affordable Workforce Housing for the Lower Income Households

The housing crisis has been prevalent for a while now! And the high house rents and costs prevent the low-income households to get a decent living. And to afford a house, these people have to move to the fringes and suburban areas, where they can manage a house within their budget. The pandemic outbreak and the costly rents have aggravated the housing crisis resulting in several other workforce issues. 

Housing is an essential requirement for one and all. And since the low-income households are not able to afford the accommodation in the urban areas because of high cost, there needs to be a solution for them. Hence, the government and the developers need to provide affordable workforce housing units. 

Maxwell Drever says that people from low-income groups find a balance between work and living only when there are affordable workforce housing units. That way, they don’t need to spend a huge chunk of their earnings on the house rent and lead a compromised life. 

The ways to provide affordable workforce housing

Today, it is essential for the government authorities, real estate communities, and other relevant authorities to come forward and provide ways to implement affordable housing projects. 

The path of modular construction

Reducing the cost of construction is a way to ensure that people have access to affordable workforce housing. Hence, opting in for modular construction processes is essential. It ensures that the essential building structures are constructed off-site, and the assembling is done at the housing site. It enables to bring down the construction expense by 10% to 15%. However, you need help from local authorities, and it is also important to consider the land use codes and the new rules for the property approvals and inspections. That is not all. If the authority of the affordable housing project removes parking, it can help to bring down the cost. However, this rule can get easily applied to private-public partnership projects. The local municipality needs to provide land at an affordable rate in comparison to the market rates. The modular construction and the reduced land cost can have an impact on the delivery deadlines as well as the overall capital cost. 

Transforming abandoned and old properties

The other way to respond to the ongoing and growing issue of the housing crisis is to work on old and abandoned properties. Today, several properties are all across the United States that are old, abandoned, and broken. These spaces can be put to good use and transformed into living units for low-income households. However, it is essential to ensure the property strength and quality before the project gets commenced. Since these properties are old, it is necessary to check whether it has a chance to collapse should the conversion process start. That way, the authorities will also know the essential repair work that is required to transform an old property into an affordable workforce housing unit. These are a few of how Maxwell Drever says that authorities and concerned groups can provide affordable workforce housing for the families and workers who need it the most.
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