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What is Thoptv for PC if this is your question then here is the right place where you will get the answer to this?

So, for a quick introduction Thoptv is an online TV or TV shows streaming platform where one can easily watch live cricket matches or any of your favorite TV shows or movies for free. Thoptv for PC is the pc version of the original Thoptv app and it can efficiently run on pc.

In order to download the app one must be aware whether it’s safe to download or not

Thoptv is 100% protected to make use of it. It does not allow any virus to enter the system because it comes with a virus free configuration, apart from this the code of this software is malicious free which means keeping your computer free from all types of malware threats. It also help people watch therefavorite show without any slowdown in computer.

Can we watch Thoptv on any device?

After signing in with Thoptv one can access it anytime from anywhere only you need is a stable internet connection. One can watch it either on desktop, tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV.

How much does Thoptv Cost?

ThopTV is one of your more expensive options, but it’s also one of your most versatile. The software allows anyone to watch free movies, TV shows, and live events as they air. Just search for your favorite show, click play and find a relaxing place and enjoy.

All what you need to know about installing ThopTV on your PC, so you can start watching as soon as possible

Step 1: Download the right version of the app – To enjoy its content you will need to download and install a copy of their software, which is available in two versions: A Basic version (free) and a Premium version ($9.99/month).

Step 2: Set up the account with the TV provider – one will need an account with your TV provider, finally download the app from Google Play or iTunes and connect via HDMI port before turning it on and enjoying free HD content.

Step 3: Confirm the account and device – When we first open Thop TV, it will ask us to confirm the email address as any other application and register a username. From there, one can connect to an existing Twonky server or set up a new one.

Step 4: Start watching your favorite content on Thoptv – The first thing one will need is a TV tuner. These are usually external devices that connect to the computer via USB, but there are also PCIe cards with integrated tuners one can use if the computer has an open PCIe slot.

After following all the above steps one is ready to access the Thoptv, all you need is to connect the TV to the computer monitor with HDMI cable and can watch anything. The app is simple, safe, and legal.


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